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Your Pet's Very Own Pet Portal

We are excited to be involved with an online system for you to go ahead and set up appointments, update your pets information, post photos, write stories, email us your questions and concerns and much more! All we need is your email address to get started!

Come On In...

Please Check In Here...

We welcome you to our clinic! Please come on over and let us help you get you started with your appointment today!

Exam 1

Check out all of our cute pictures on our walls :)

Exam 1 pt 2

Our exam rooms are quiet, calming and clean while modern and roomy.


Dr. Anji Lippmann performing an Ultrasound on a patient while Angie, CVT monitors the patient!

Surgery Suite

Dr. Voss performing surgery while our CVT, Lydia is monitoring the patients vitals!  


Lindsay is doing some work in our amazing IDEXX lab! 

...And Check Out There.

If you are picking up your pet, a prescription, our checking out from an appointment, please see a CSR here!

Thee Salt Water Fish Tank

Can you find the peppermint shrimp?

Our Luxurious Lobby

Enjoy our salt water fish tank or some educational TV!

Digital Dental Radiology

Digital Radiology

Digital Xray


Tom is always ready to answer your calls!

Exam 2

Exam 2 pt2


We are almost done with the remodeling of our pharmacy to help the flow of our clinic.

Thank you!

We appreciate your loyal and dedicated support for us, and everything we stand for! Thank you!