Dental Protocol

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We NO LONGER offer Dental Discount Months. This is our new protocol:

If you would like your pet to have a dental done, we offer our Full Dental. This includes the oral exam, cleaning, polishing, full mouth radiographs, a mini blood work panel and placing an IV Catheter. 
We highly recommend this option if your Doctor believes there is a need for a Dental. When this is being performed, we will discuss teeth extraction and proceed as determined.

*Our other option, is our Prophylactic Cleaning. This includes the oral exam, cleaning and polishing, and placing an IV Catheter. At this time, there will be NO extracting of teeth. IF the Doctor finds teeth that needs to be extracted, there will NEED to be another appointment made at a later date.

*We require the Full Dental first. after this has been done, your next dental appointment can be the Prophylactic Cleaning. Like our human dentists, every other visit, they need full mouth radiographs. :) 

Remember, when you call to reserve a spot, we have to have seen your pet within a year before you can finalize your appointment. If you have not seen us for your annual exam, we cannot reserve your spot.